Krzyzstof Mliczek Gallery

Krzyzstof's Biography

What can you say about Krzysztof.....What a fantastic artist, superb at all forms of the art of tattooing. Graeat with the customers and staff alike and a pleasure to have in the studio. His custom artwork and unique pieces are fabulous. He hails from Szczecin in Poland however works in his very successful studio in Cleve, Germany. His work has been recognised at some of the best conventions in europe, recently winning a number of fantastic awards in 2017.

Best of Day - Lost Boys Tattoo Convention
3rd Place Best Colour - Moers Tattoo Convention
2nd Place Black And Grey - Moers Tattoo Convention
3rd Place Realistic - Breda Tattoo Convention
3rd Place Small Colour - Breda Tattoo Convention
2nd Place Large Black and Grey - Breda Tattoo Convention